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Pool Remodeling

Here at PoolRemodelingCompanies.com we have handpicked the best pool remodeling company in each city throughout florida to serve each local community at the most affordable prices without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship. Pool resurfacing, pool tiles and pool coping is typically the first thing that most clients desire because the color of your swimming pool along with the new tiles make a quick first impression upon your guest.

When it comes to pool resurfacing options and prices there are many options available besides your typical diamond brite although it that has become a popular choice for many swimming pool owners. In addition to a pool resurface most customers want to get their patio pavers, pool pavers or pool deck remodeled to add to their backyard paradise. Some of the more popular choices are travertine pavers, brick pavers, stamped concrete or eurotile.

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Pool Decks

When it comes to pool deck ideas for inground pools in florida there are many ideas and affordable pricing options our contractors can present to you after they determine the best options based on your needs. Some clients are looking to have pool decks that offer natural stone such as travertine decks while others may choose to go a more affordable route and go with brick pavers or stamped concrete. Euro tile has recently become a popular and affordable choice when it comes to pool decks and patio remodeling as well.

Pool deck remodel jobs typically take 7 working days weather permitting. Our pool deck contractors are handpicked based on being in business over 5 successful years and has an A+ BBB rating to ensure you are getting quality work from a reputable pool and patio remodeling company. Most pool deck remodeling prices start anywhere around $3.45 per square foot without labor and increase from there depending upon what type of material you want.

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Patio Remodeling & Resurfacing with Pavers

When it comes to patio remodeling in florida you have many options. Most people go for a complete remodel and upgrade from brick or concrete pavers to travertine patio pavers or artistic patio pavers because they want a new fresh look with natural stone and because it increased the homes value. There are many options for patio pavers and the price typically starts around $3.45 per square foot and increases from there (without labor). Instead of doing a complete patio remodel, some customers opt to just get their patio resurfaced or sprayed as a more affordable option opposed to upgrading and getting a new look. We take pride in each patio remodeling company that we list on our website in each local city and strive to offer the best patio contractors near you that have been approved and are insured. For patio ideas and to see patio remodel before and after pictures simply contact our approved patio remodel company in your local area and schedule a free consultation and estimate.


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Driveway pavers

Driveway pavers in florida are a popular add on to a pool remodel or any upgrade to a home. Many people choose to get concrete driveway pavers because they cost less than other pavers. Driveway pavers cost around $18-24 per square foot installed for typical driveways that are 16 feet by 38 feet long without curves or a slope. The driveway contractors that we list on our website take pride in explaining the difference between driveway pavers vs. concrete allowing you to be educated on the type of product you may want. Luxury homes tend to choose artistic designs for their driveway further enhancing the curb appeal of their home. For more information on driveway pavers ideas simply search our website for your city and get a free quote on your driveway pavers from our approved contractors.

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Pool Equipment

If you live in Florida are looking for a pool equipment provider near your home, you have come to the right place. Here at PoolRemodelingCompanies.com we have one approved pool equipment company per city in florida that are exclusive to our network and have been hand selected. Pool equipment repairs can be a nightmare and most people that own pools need to keep up with the typical pool maintenance so their equipment can last as long as it should. Our goal is to not only fix the pool equipment that is needed at the time of the repair but to also educate our customers on how to take care of their pool maintenance. Many Florida homeowners who opt for a pool remodel also choose to convert a heated pool believe it or not! During the months of December to April the Florida weather can be as low as 55-72 degrees. Another popular add on is making their pool a salt water pool. We offer free estimate on all pool repairs and discounts on any pool remodeling jobs that are over $5,000..

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